Crystal Sanders, John Little

We felt no pressure to make a decision at this visit and were encouraged to call if we had questions

Alfred El-Darazi made us feel very comfortable as we told him what we were looking for when we made our first visit. He explained clearly the differences between several models that we were interested in. We felt no pressure to make a decision at this visit and were encouraged to call if we had questions. While working with Alfred, we noticed Kevin Jones, a person we knew from our church. He greeted us warmly as we completed our dealings with Alfred.

At our second visit, Alfred met us at the door. Alfred told us that since we knew Kevin, he would have Kevin help us. Kevin was very knowledgeable and worked hard to get us a good trade in for our vehicle. Also, he spent time locating just the vehicle we wanted to buy. He demonstrated the various features on the car. I was especially impressed with how Kevin and Alfred worked together to get the car ready for us to drive home. As we were leaving Jimmy Matthews, another person we know from our church, met us to go over briefly but completely the Sync system of the car. He told us he had classes to explain Sync and explained that sometimes it is better for a customer to return after having some experience with Sync. That way a person would know what he didn t know. He also went above and beyond to tell us to call him at home if we had questions or ask him when we saw him a church. One other extra was that Kevin Jones offered to pick up our car and take it to the dealership for the wax job or coating that had not been done the day we bought the car due to the time. The service from all three of these men has been outstanding. I also want to mention the friendliness of others we met and the kindness we were shown as we waited to sign the final papers. I would not hesitate to recommend Alfred, Kevin and Jimmy to anyone who wanted to buy a car or to better understand the Sync system. Roy Lucus

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